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Busy, Busy Bee

May 9th, 2006 at 06:25 pm

Life, in general, never gets boring. It is simply the content and the players that change.

Merchanting season officially began in mid-February, and I've been busy ever since. Keeping up with supply orders, refilling product inventory and experimenting with new product ideas is starting to take its toll. Financially speaking, I'm in over my head, but luckily I have a life-jacket. His name is John. Smile

John and I have a "date" for some financial planning this afternoon around 4 p.m. We did a bit of schedule coordination this morning, so the calender is blazing with its newly-added tatooes made of Sharpie. It looks like I'm going to be a very busy girl this month.

The reason things have gotten so scary around here is that I missed two weeks of work due to a bought of pneumonia. Thank whatever god is watching up there that we have good insurance through John's job. If we hadn't. . .I shudder to think what would have happened.

There is good news, though. John is in line for a promotion. His company is opening two new locations within a 50-mile radius of where we live, and he is set to be a department manager at one of them when they open in the next two months. He's having to put a lot more face time in at the office, but it will be worth it come August. We might have to post-pone our plans to visit his family in Florida by a month or so, but all will work out in the end. I just know it. Smile