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39 days until war!

June 26th, 2006 at 02:03 pm

Cripes! Is it really that close?!? Good grief, I'd better get off my duff and get to work!

Saved $12 with my Lowes Food rewards card yesterday. For the first time in FOREVER I caved in to a craving and went searching for donuts. I was going to get the "fresh" ones from the bakery, because after 7 p.m., the unsold baked goods are clearanced up to 1/2 price in order to make room for the next day's batch.

When I arrived at the bakery section, however, there wasn't a single donut or bagel left to be found! I had to settle for eclairs and cream horns, instead. I also bought a Boston Cream Pie since it was almost 1/2 price, as well. That will definitely last a while if I hide it from the boys. Wink Bought some cheese "bricks", since store brand was on sale $3 per 1 pound brick. WAY cheaper than regular price on brand-name OR store-brand.

Last but not least, 12 packs of Coke products were on sale 4 packs for $10. (I felt the need to replace what we used up at Jeff's place Wednesday night, since it isn't nice to go over to someone else's house and use up all their stuff!) That soda aisle looked like someone had hit it with a bomb! The shelves were practically empty. Luckily, I found four packs of sodas everyone drinks, so I think it will do.

Previous Pennsic Balance: $208.01
Contribution: $12
New Pennsic Balance: $220.01

I think I'll run by the credit union today and deposit the money in the Pennsic Jar. Safer that way.

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