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Lunch Money and Frazzled Cashiers

June 26th, 2006 at 02:18 pm

I packed John a lunch before he raced out the door to work this morning. $1 for the Challenge.

Also saved $6.75 in coupons when buying Scott toilet tissue on sale at the grocery store Wednesday. I forgot about that. Had to run back inside the store after I looked at the reciept and realized the cashier had forgotten to scan my coupons! I was NOT pleased. He and the manager apologized profusely, though. The store was absolutely PACKED with people, so I guess the poor guy had a few fried ciruits if you catch my drift. Its not like he gyped me on purpose, so I thanked him and went home.

At this rate, I'm running out of change in the money cup to put in my savings jars! I'm going to ask John if he will take out $20 in cash/change when he gets paid on Thursday to put towards the money cup.

He said he doesn't want to know the day-to-day earnings of the two savings jars, because he has too much on his mind right now due to the management training courses he's taking for Circuit City. Can't say that I blame him, but I do resent it a tiny, tiny bit. Its like he doesn't think I have a lot on my mind since I'm not working outside the house. *sigh* But its only a tiny bit of resentment. I've shared my feelings with him on the subject, and he says that he understands, so I don't think it will grow into anything huge. Thank the gods for reason, you know?

Previous Challenge Balance: $35.49
Contribution: $7.75
New Challenge Balance: $43.24

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