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Ow. . .*groans*

June 29th, 2006 at 02:22 pm

I'm so incredibly sore right now. Its not that such a thing is horrible in its own right, but its upsetting to know just how out of shape I've become. *groans some more*

John and I were working on The Property all day yesterday to ready it for inspection by County Building & Zoning. The day before that I was cleaning and hauling things all by my onesy for 5 hours.

So I am SORE.

Though I am sore, tired, and a tiny bit sunburnt, things are looking up where The Property is concerned. We shoul have everything out of sight or thrown out by the end of today, so I have no doubt that it will pass inspection on Friday.

After that, we'll have to pull everything out of the Barn again to get the inside ready for inspection at the end of July. Oye. It seems like a lot of work for little payoff, but I know that's not true. Being able to cut our housing costs by nearly half will be a WONDERFUL reward for all this work. I just wish things had fallen differently time-wise.

We wouldn't have to be rushing around like this if one of neighbors could have been a man and actually TALKED to us about the problems he has with us. Instead, he went behind our backs and told the county were violating zoning code by creating a "junk yard". (Yes, you can get fined if you have too many cars on your lawn, apparently.) This is absolutely stupid, considering that another neighbor has no less than 7 cars on their property, and in the two years we've lived in this area, we've only seen 3 of them run. EVER. I don't see anyone calling the county on them.


I'm just frustrated, that's all. But after tomorrow, it won't matter. We'll pass inspection, and this won't happen again. I won't let it. *growls*

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