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Gearing up for the yard sale.

July 1st, 2006 at 11:20 pm

Chrissy and I will be having yet another yard sale tomorrow at the flea market in Raleigh. Not sure how we'll do this time, but I'm confident that we shall do MUCH better than last time.

Tomorrow we plan on arriving at the flea market around 7 a.m. and be up and running by 7:45, tops. Last time we didn't get there until 9 a.m., so we missed the early bird rush and didn't make much money as a result. But this time will be different. (I hope.)

I packed lunch for John today, and I made both dinner Friday and breakfast today from scratch. I also combined 5 errands into one car trip AND resisted the urge buy a new video game even though it was at a reduced price. GO ME! Big Grin

That's $5 to the Challenge.

Previous Challenge Balance: $45.24
Contribution: $5.00
New Challenge Balance: $50.24

I also didn't go anywhere yesterday, so I'll put a gallon's worth of gas money into the Pennsic fund.

Previous Pennsic Balance: $227.84
Contribution: $2.85
New Pennsic Balance: $230.69

Time to load up the Suburban. Wish us luck! Wink

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